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Slid off the schedule this week. The bank holiday and the lost hour threw me abit. Plus I decided to shift over the whole project management back end of wax botanical from PWF to Thrive solo. Works out only costing a third of PWF, is far easier to navigate and includes an automatic invoice function as standard. Boring stuff but from a business/organizational point of view tis foopin revolutionary. I finished transferring across all the current projects but as So1o does not yet have a client login facility the above top left link will continue to use my old PWF account. I really like the fact that the designer of Thrive, a helpful chap named Jerome Iveson is open to suggestions and ideas for improving the programme. They also have a studio version coming soon which could be handy for future WB collab work.

Commission stuff slowed down this week. Next week thou I’ll get back on track and begin on the Whiteliars site, finish off Kilo1977.com and prepare for updating Kilogen.ie the following week. Got our next gig lined up supporting the Whiteliars in Carrols on the 26th of November too. Liam and Dermot will be off on holidays next week so hopefully we’ll get busy the week after and have a few new additions prepared for the show. I got a good bit of fine tuning done on track ten during the week and also started a new version of Monster which has been off the set list for far too long.