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Another bout of whittling down the business to just the essentials has seen me get rid of the various names I had attached to the musical pages. I also deleted some of the planned projects as, drugs as per usual, I’ve bein getting ahead the ball and stressin meself out in the process. That said thou I feel like I’m getting closer to the grand simple vision I have in mind for the work. By taking away the separate names I hope to make the future marketing work as simple as possible, abortion everything will be under the Wax Botanical name, even the band. I like the fact that its more about the work itself than the identity.

No practice with the lads this week but I’ve started re-jiggifying some of the tunes to include more melody. Just some small lines to begin with but hopefully by late spring I’ll have an instrumental section for each song as well as more interesting lines in the verses which should help to differentiate the songs and make them less samey. Nearly finished the Kilogen web site and starting on two more sites next week for a local painter and potter.