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Seems like I cant make up me mind either to stick with the rez guitar or switch to the ele. I like the size and feel of the resonance but the sound is far better on the electric plus tis easier for me to learn new stuff on it and thats somethin I’m gonna try and start doin the next few weeks (via some the excellent Musician Institute books). Noticed the last two gigs how all of the songs are unfortunately soundin very simlar due in part to my singing style but also the percussive way I play chords. I think if I could learn a few new rhythms/chords and add in some melody lines to the tracks it would really make the songs easier for
people to follow and hopefully to catch the hooks. As it is I might as well be playing drums while I sing. Had an interesting few hours today adding more single notes to. The Old tin drum and the monkey song on the keyboard, tis funny how it works as this followed a really bad practice session last night where we were all pretty deflated by the end, soon as I got home thou I got a bunch of ideas for improving the set.

Got abit stuck in places on the Kilogen .ie site. Some of the design issues were tricky to get my head around especially with having no brief from the client-too many options! The Whiteliars site is nearly done, nice and simple lay out with a 60’s’ish colour scheme. I do like me minimal stuff : ) happy when the client goes that way too.