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Slowly getting the wheel spinning again after excessive amounts of the compulsory festive eating, drinking and naps by the fire. Had a few things on a list to do over the holidays but probably better off for doin nothing but hanging out with the family and friends as has bein yonks since I took a holiday. Few new things kicking off January and February. My fist proper marketing campaign (Operation Phonic monkey) as drew up during the Berklee course I took during the summer, twill be fleshed out some more over the next few weeks. This being the first campaign it’ll be relatively simple and mostly have to do with building up the email/Facebook lists and integrating more regular content updates for the site. This will include gig posters, postcards, cut-out characters, video blogs, newsletters, commentary on Soundcloud demo’s and lyric/song info PDF’s.

Commission wise I still have to finish off two sites rolling over from 2011. This pisses me off abit as in both instances I’m waiting for payment for work done aswell as confirmation on designs. Hopefully with the holidays over I can get back on track. On the plus side its great to have the work and enough to keep me going for the near future. To help out with this I’ve changed around the schedule to include 4-5 more hours for commission work as the paid work should be taking more priority over my own projects (as dictated by my current bank balance : P ). As for the music work itself I started work on two new tracks new years eve, one an electro tune and the other an orchestral piece. Felt great to be getting back to the composition work again, forgot how absorbing it can be – very different from writing tunes on the guitar.