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Thirteen hours into the first of the new electro set tunes and I’ve managed to catch onto a decent enough hook line. Still whittling down the main loop but I have guts of it done. Tis such a different way of working than using a guitar as you’re composing as you go about arranging the song and relying on a lot of effects for the sound as much if not more than the melody itself. Feels a lot of the time like two steps forward one step back but worth it in the end for the type of unusual sounds you can come across. I’ve given myself approx three weeks to work on each track so the full set should be done by late summer. I don’t plan on having the album done by then just enough to be able to play the set live.

Its been a slow week getting up to speed after Christmas, health made a few changes to the schedule to allow for some gardening time during the day, to make a healthy break away from the studio out in the air. Starting on two new commissions on the 16th so will get as much done as I can on the current projects this coming week. Will be getting back to the song writing this Monday coming, has been too long a stretch off it. Another new years change to the work process is the production notes I’m gonna start taking while composing and song writing, these will be added to the respective website project pages at the end of the week. Hopefully this’ll be more informative and help me with keeping up the work momentum : )