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Had a bit of a realization during the week regarding the website layout. I was in having a meeting with a local enterprise adviser and she pointed out a few basic issues, not so much to do with useability but more so with me not quickly explaining exactly what it is I do/have to offer to new users of the site. With all my fixation on minimalism and efficiency I kinda threw the baby out with the bathwater. Its an interesting issue that, so much of my own website has to do with my choice of aesthetics but rarely do I consider the preferences of a target audience, of a client definitely but not the end user. That got me thinking about revamping the site. When I originally set our rebuilding V3 of Waxbotanical.com last July I had an entirely different idea in mind, something more like V2. See an image of the last photoshop mockup here. I ended up going with a template, the current look, which at thirty pages could perhaps be refined to a smaller number styled in something more eye catching to the casual viewer? Not too sure yet, its probably dangerous thinking as it’ll take a fup load of design time to do, something I don’t have much of at the moment :P

On the musical sides haven’t had much time with 2nd electro tune this week, hoping to get a few hours in later tonight before switching off for the Easter Sunday. I do pretty much have the vocal sound sorted thou, a lofi vocorder, with about three or four phrases and an overly distorted lead guitar for the final build. I got back on track with the acoustic set too. The Old Tin Drum tune is now notated in TAB/sketch form on paper, a week of fine tuning and I should be able to upload a simple demo. Also got back to learning some fife, gonna need it for further explorations into beaboxing tunes for the new set : )