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Been lain low with a head cold the last while so news is purdy borin this week. Didn’t have the headstate for any project work so I did some spring cleaning instead. Went thru the studio top-to-bottom and got rid of aload of stuff: old files, notes data/software disks and academic books aswell as reorganizing data/files on PC. Very satisfying, tis runnin mighty efficiently now thou I still have a list of stuff I’d like to get thru before the end of May mostly business stuff; pricing, accounts and stationary/branding.

I did get some more work done on the second ICM tune. I now have a rough arrangement so the main rhythm and chords are pretty much sorted. I still need to experiment some more with different pad sounds and retro’ish key instruments and to write out lyrics for all the verses. Also need to come up with a vocal line for the chorus, it’ll probably be falsetto double tracked thou something quirky or a group of people singing might suit it too. Only one or two commission jobs at the moment, worked out to be a good time for recuperating. Had a poster and flyer to make up for a local ceramics exhibition. Back to more website stuff next week and a gig poster for an upcoming event in the Ballykeefe amphitheater. I finished installing design and dev software on the new laptop and also picked up a second hand wacom tablet off ebay so am now sorted for doing some work outside of the studio/Thomastown hopefully reducing the level of cabin fever metre :)