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I’m gonna be gone past the deadline somewhat on the second ICM tune, now set in stone as ‘Fat controller’, as it’ll be over the roughly designated eight weeks per track. Arrangement and instrumentation is just about done, a few more alternate instruments to try out and I’ll start on the mix down so should have demo to post within the next week or two. I Don’t mind the delay though as its definitely my strongest electronic based track yet and very fun to play along on drums with. In fact tis getting me thinking that might be the way to go for the live set. Delays also on storyboard and outline for Enter the Dragon, too much commission work on the go (great for the wallet but not for the tunes). Twill hopefully squeeze in an hour or two next week to flesh out the video and set a date for shooting.

Had a somewhat disjointed week as me broadband has gone AWAL. Bein on and off phone to customer support, changed the sim and tried a different modem but still only connects half the ruddy time. Makes development work very difficult and far more frustrating than it should be! On the interweb side of things am updating few bits for the happy valley festival and starting on a site for a local hostel. Also working on two more event posters and exhibition edits for the craft school site. SO songs are once again moving along nicely, I finished rough notation for Black Crow, that’s two down eight to go. I’ll be working on ‘Monster’ next and hopefully more of the b-side beatboxing/loop pedal tune too.