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Finished the chord changes and started on shortscore notation for Monster. It’s less cheesey that it was before and has more changes in the singing range during the chorus which should help it from sounding too flat after the choppy verses. The notation should be finished by next Friday, that’ll be three down seven to go. Once I get to five or six I plan on getting back to some gigging, around June/July hopefully by which stage Ill have one or two of the beatbox/loop pedal tunes ready for testing out too : ) The second ICM tune, Fat Controller is just about done. I ended up redoing the melody/arrangement for the middle section. It was far too weak, didnt really have much to say for itself, now its my favorite part of the tune as it has a double build which fitted perfectly with the vocorder line I had recorded. There’s quite abit of distortion on the tune so I’m going to have to be careful with the mix. There’s a good bita of tidying up with the MIDI and automation to do this week so I should have the soundcloud demo up by Saturday week.

Design wise am still busy with updates for the Happy Valley Festival and Grennan craft school. I also wrapped up the poster for an event in Ballykeefe amphitheatre. Started on a new website commission for a Hostel based in Kilkenny. They have a few very nice spraypaint murals tagged around the place that I’m hoping to make use of the the site. Gives me a good colour pallet and background to start from.