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The second electro tune, Fat Controller (ICM-01_02) still didn’t sit right with me, its too busy, so I went back during the week and started experimenting with a new layout. I think the problem lay with my stubbornness in trying to keep it sounding like a french house tune rather than just letting it go into whatever direction the rhythm/melodies dictated. Its now sounding much weirder (unique?) but still has a solid hock, away from electro and more trip-hop. I wrote some singing/rapping lines that work well over it in and I can still leave in the gritty vocorder line to contrast my voice. Elsewhere’s its practice, procrastinate, and mo practice ahead of my first acoustic gig in eights months next weekend in Fennellys. Some of the stuff is still rusty’ish so am gonna have to hope the enthusiasm and strange sounds can carry it thru on the night :P

Got two new website commissions lined up, one for a venue in Kilkenny which thankfully has loads of interesting content from which to start building on and the other is for Balief Farm Foods, a company I designed a logo for a while back. They might go with a WordPress template but either way it’ll be interesting to see how we can use the illustrated logo as a basis for the site design.

I’m gonna get some copies of the Fat Controller poster printed up next week and run a final Facebook comp to increase the shares. This week, if I get the time, I’ll start on the promo poster for Enter the Dragon which is gonna be based on the mask I have planned for one of the characters in the music video to wear. Speaking of which, myself and Richard did some camera tests down on the willow plantation on Wills farm last weekend. There’s a few rows of 3-4 year old willow that looks like it’ll be perfect for the video (also saving us the hassle of having to drive over to the far side of Callan to shoot in the Ash/Oak plantation). More video info to follow next month :) Below is a blank poster I made for next weeks gig and another fake advert that was perhaps abit too subtle in hindsight…
[image id=”4472″]
[image id=”4471″]