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The third electro tune (ICM-01_03) is based on a piano chord progression I wrote and then reversed. This seemed to fit the drum break behind it so well that I ended up reversing a few of the other instrument samples too. The main loop section itself is finished, I’m just going thru a bunch of sounds now that I had in mind might fit it. This takes a while as there’s lots of sample library and synth presets to get thru (the list of ideas was big – but most all of em usually don’t work). Once that’s finished thou I’ll roughly arrange the tune and start writing out the lyrics. Probably the end of August by the time I have a demo up.

The acoustic set is nearly ready for the gig, gonna practice with mic and an amp the next two weeks to get used to position and volume again. Lookin forward to testing out the newer versions on the crowd. Last time I was talking to Dermot he mentioned trying to get a gig in Cork which’d be fun to do with the two of us again. Once I have the six or seven songs performable again the plan is to fill them out to ten and then start on the new set of hip-hop’ish guitar/loop pedal/voice/random ethnic instrument songs. Finished the promo poster for the second electro tune (ICM-01_02), see below, currently running a share competition on Facebook, twill pick one share to receive an A3 print. Will run another comp next week too. Did’nt do so much commission work this week as was off harvesting willow with a friend – Nice to have the break from the compootar. Did get thru a good bit more of Ben Longs excellent photography intro courses on Lynda.com thou, manual control and lens choice definitely making more sense now :)

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