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It’d been nearly ten months since the last gig, far too long but great to be back doin something live again. Never played alongside a firedancer before neither. Was playing on me own and unplugged outside in the back of Fennelys pub which was nice and atmospheric but in hindsight very hard to fill up without some amplification, front bar woulda bein better suited. That said I was happy enough with the set itself, technically twas on the ball, looking forward to getting a few more under me belt and to start introducing the newer songs.

This month is gonna be busy, a few new web commissions kicking off at the same time aswell as trying to get the set and prop design started for the Enter the Dragon music video. See below for the promo poster. I might do something similar (skull yolk) as a logo to use thru out the video on uniforms and on the side of the old landrover. I’ve attached the current shooting script as a separate blog post. Gonna try and flesh it out into a half decent storyboard over the next two weeks. Currently bidding on a copy of Adobe Premiere Elements 10 on ebay. Have a crash course lined up on Lynda.com to get the basics and maybe do up a trailer and electro live set teaser as practice projects.

Elsewheres with the electro stuff I purchased an upgrade to Abysnth 5. Looking forward to getting to grips with the new Aetherizer effect. I’m also planning on taking a few short courses with Sonic Acedemy particularly the French Electro and Dubstep courses and running thru a programming synthesizers book in order to sharpen up my sound design skills some as I’m finding some of loops I’m working on at the moment are starting to sound alittle samey – that and listening to the savage demos from the forthcoming new Two Fingers album puts em to shame!
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