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Made a good bit of headway into the 3rd electro tune (now titled Cinder Biter). Another session or two to test out some ethnic’ish instruments and I’ll be ready to begin the arrangement. This is probably the first of the three to include some singing/rapping (Enter the Dragon might do too depending on if it fits or not). Its abit scary when you go to record some vox over electronic based tracks – always sounds different than planned. Started to mull over a date for an electro gig, most likely a teaser for the album, three or four new tunes and as many of the older material maybe to coincide with the release of the Enter the Dragon music video. Speaking of shows I’ve signed up with Songkick so there’s now a live feed of upcoming gigs/shows on the Facebook and Soundcloud pages. Might add one in as a widget on the homepage too if I can make some space.

Got another acoustic gig lined up for Saturday the 18th, at the Garden Party sessions in the Nixon, Kilkenny (bita live music and DJ’s). Started work on the notation version of These Ways. Found myself goin back to nearly the first version of the tune I had wrote over two years ago. It had a chorus I had since dismissed but listening back to it durin the week it has some qualities I think I can twist in a new direction. I did the same with the chorus of Monster – an older simpler version but with one or two additions. If I can keep tippin any at the song revisions I should have the full set of ten songs finished by the end of September. I might try and organize a one-off gig to mark to occasion :)

Back into web commissions next week and two graphics related jobs. Other than that am still ploughing thru photography foundation courses on Lynda.com. As soon as I finish them I’ll be onto an advanced illustrator course and then maybe I can get back to studying and writing some orchestral stuff again…