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I’ve started to sketch out the rough plans for the soundtrack album. There’s a few changes/additions I need to make in the studio before, namely buying a decent divisi string sample library so I can have more options when orchestrating the songs and also get a more realistic sound (smaller is bigger when it comes to scoring stages and sample libraries I reckon – something to do with the way a reduced string section is more gritty sounding).

While looking around at the current libraries I was fuppin delighted to see VSL have finally made their chamber strings available in a reduced (cheaper) package. I’ve been hoping they would since I bought the SE one library and had suggested as much along with plenty of other VSL users on their site forum. Am rightly looking forward to experimenting with divisi sections and am also considering enrolling in the new Harmony course Thinkspace have just released. Its abit pricey at 400 squid so I might just go thru a few books to touch up on my theory before starting the project.

Didn’t have much time this week for working on the music video or the third electronic tune as I been mad busy with commissions and getting ready for the gig this evening. I did make some headway on the latest version of These Ways thou. It’ll be ready in time for the next gig/open mic. Also finished the last few last details on the Enter the Dragon poster, which’ll be off to the printers next week :)