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Got new version of Honey Bee Sting pretty much in the bag, the chorus has no singing now just a simple melody line with some chromatic notes. Kinda happy I’m moving in this direction with more of the songs as it should make them sound less the same :P and are more like the sorta delta blues tunes that drew me into guitar playing in the first place. The slower revamp seems contagious, I’ve slowed Ashes way down too, hopefully not so much thats its boring, the slower it gets thou the more important the rhythm I thinks, hence I’m considering picking up a stompbox to give the newer solo live set some more wmoomph. I still haven’t had much time to work on the loop pedal based set but I had a message yesterday about playing a gig in Dublin during Culture night on the 21st so that could be do’able to try and have one or two rough versions ready to trial run :)

Also bein busy with a website for an organic farm. ‘Rustic’, ‘family’ & ‘established’ were part of the brief and seeing as it incorporates an online shop for ordering meat based produce I need to make sure rustic looks colorful and not dirty. Spent a good while looking thru istockphoto for suitable material. Pretty much have the design locked, should have most of it done by the end of the week. Had very little time for any ICM work so I’m hoping to get six hours in this week and at least a half day next Saturday to work on planning for the Enter the Dragon shoot. I have an idea to try and record some percussive sound effects from the metal rail on the bridge in Thomastown. It being so large/wide it has a long resonance tail which I think will work well as part of the Cinder Biter track.

I also got the posters back from the printers during the week, the finish was much nicer than I had expected. Have a rough idea for the third song promo poster but still need to make the cut out character for the second tune yet :P I’ll soon be starting work on the poster for the acoustic material/songs, these will all be made using either lino or wood cuts for a limited print run (depending on which material is cheaper and easier to use) and will be either black ink on white or colored paper.

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