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Great to get back to some production work this week. Managed to get up extra early so was able to get commission stuff wrapped up before lunch which left afternoons free for all things musical. I put the last two versions of Cinder Biter on the back burner and started afresh, I was happy with the sound but not as ICM material – they’re more suited to instrumental orchestral tracks than dance tunes. The third version I based on abit of beatboxing I had recorded on my phone a few weeks back. After I’d copied out the rhythm part to a drum machine and messed around with a few layers of Scanner XT (the new favorite synth) I came up with a slow dark dub-step’ish loop that I’m pretty happy with as is. I even started writing some lyrics for it, due to the unusual timing the vocal lines came out more operatic/musical than rapping which I reckon is a good thing (due to the fact its hard to rap and not try and sound American – which when Irish is fuckin horrible + the weirder the better).

Also got crackin on the promo poster for Cinder Biter. I did have a crocodile wrapped around a nude woman in a yoga pose in mind but ended up going with a zombie crocodile holding a baby. I have the layout done but as it’ll require as much illustration work to do as the Fat Controller poster it’ll take another three or four sessions to finish it off. Did’nt have much time for acoustic stuff unfortunately which is abit frustrating as I’d planned to have another one or two tunes ready for live playing by now but on the plus side I’m lucky to have enough commission work to keep a few yoyos in the pocket :)