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Mighty busy last week with overlapping website commission yolks, which is a tad stressful at times but am gradually working my way thru em. In future am definitely gonna space out projects more, less money on the whole but makes for a less wired Tim…Got hardly any acoustic practice in as a result, or any work on the new ICM track but on the plus side I have the bulk of the coloring finished for the Cinder Biter poster. Another two or three hours and i’ll have ‘er done.

I did get a chance to mix down and upload one of the demo tracks (Soundcloud link below) for the book project . Its less orchestral than anything I’ve done before but I’m happy with the fact I held back on the melody and harmony, relying more on effects and instrumentation. The scene I have in mind in the book is when the main character awakes at night and looks out the window to see the corpses of several rabbits in the back garden reconstruct themselves into an undead creature. I’m planning on composing the soundtrack first based on the rough story outline and then fleshing out the full story with the aid of these songs. The both kinda feed off each other, I love how an idea can reform after you try to write some music for it.