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Did’nt quite manage to stay away from the studio/office over the festives as I wanted to get Windows 7 installed on an new SSD drive aswell as bumping up the RAM and adding more cooling fans to the PC case. As usual it took twice as long as expected, not only with the few teething/install issues but also as the new OS has brought about some changes to my workflow mindset. The automatic system tools, backup/defrag and malware-scans are a big help as is the extra memory (a respectable 12 gigs), it being the end of the year I also saw it as opportune time to revamp the business organizer and plan out projects and study for the next 18 months.

When I’ve previously planned out home study courses I usually get ahead of myself with the volume of material to be processed and the time period within which I try to achieve it. Its good to have a high mark but it mostly just stresses me out so this time round I think I’ve been abit more realistic. There’s four specific areas of study I’m gonna try and get thru over the next three years. As detailed and specific as possible, just enough in order for me to complete the projects I have in mind.

  • 1) Harmony and counterpoint: the two weakest areas in my orchestral composition.
  • 2) illustration: pen and ink perspective, form and anatomy drawing.
  • 3) WordPress: build better (more valid,semantic) sites, faster – allow more time for music :)
  • 4) Guitar fretboard: add more melody to the songs I write.

      This also being the ten year anniversary of Wax Botanical, twas 2003 when I released my first demo :) , I have a few things planned to mark the occasion, mostly involving collaboration with other artists – should be fun but twill depend on the amount of mulah I have to spare. There’s also the three community projects Ive had in mind for the last few years. They might not work but I’m damndably excited about giving em a try and twould be good to give something back for the funding/grants Ive been lucky enough to receive for my work/study. More on that to come soon…