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I finished the poster for the forth ICM tune, Gallutep, last night (see below). It could maybe do with more digital/MIDI references but I’m happy enough with the way the reverse image worked. Bit on the dirty side but should draw the eye in :p Tis time to get moving on the actual tune itself. I started on the fifth tune too as its something I can tip away on in Cubase when ever I get the time whereas Galutep being a concept song yolk needs some planning and experimenting to sample the sounds in the field (in case you didn’t see the last post – the idea is to build a dub step tune built out of sounds sourced from chickens). I’ll be getting the new poster and the one for Cinder Biter printed next week, I’m late with this as there’s about seven or eight folk I need to mail em out to after em winning share comps on Facebook last month.

Had a damn frustrating week on the webdesign front; one project, a relatively simple plugin install and WordPress update, turned into a series of major errors due to the amount of plugins installed and the way the site was built. Pissed me off some but I’m gonna be more careful when putting on estimate on revamping older sites in future. Another ruddy unfortunate occurrence happened with the site I’m working on for the guest house; I had begun coding the site and had the basic framework made for WordPress when the clients changed their mind re: the design meaning I have to back pedal a few days work. One step forward, two steps back…