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I had purchased a few presets for the APC40 from Native Kontrol last year but it was only last weekend when I eventually got round to rewiring the live rig that I got a chance to really test it out. I upgraded to CL3 + TC3 and was blown away by the amount of editing the presets offer compared to the default setting of the APC itself. The developer, Stray, also has custom presets for a few other MIDI controllers and a youtube channel with preset demonstrations. I’m surprised this guy has’nt been picked up by Ableton yet. The above CL3 preset includes: drum pads, a step sequencer, chop functions, chords, navigation, meters and user assigned controls. Well worth it for forty euro’s. Regarding the live rig itself, I now have a better structure set-up inside the flightcase so that the small ten inch monitor is more secure and easier to see. I still have to reduce down the size of the mixer flightcase. I’ll throw up a few images once the yolk is finished thou.

Got another storyboard scene wrapped for the Enter the Dragon music video. I’m adamant to get get the fucker done now, one scene a week is the goal so hopefully I can start on the concept art/design sometime in early May. I have a few ideas for the props, some I can make myslef and some I’d like to hire one or two others to make. If they work out well enough (look fairly decent) I’ll then auction them off for a few quid in aid of a charity. Re: the forthcoming webstore I spent some time looking for a suitable wordpress template on Tuesday. I was’nt sure if I should go that route or build my own but time wise I figure its far better if I just buy a template. Thankfully I came across a really sweet minimal theme that is responsive and simple enough in structure that it should’nt run into any trouble with the Topspin product/shopping cart plugin i’ll be using to display and sell stuff :)