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Bein flat out this week with commission related stuff, customizing a wordpress theme, sorting a database backup issue, designing a brochure and working thru a few more alternative versions of a logo for a new archaeology school. After the second meeting I had with the clients the brief was fine tuned some more and I then spent some time researching illustrations and artwork from the late medieval/Norman eras. They had mentioned wax seals and the Bayeux tapestry as some starting points. I came up with a few ideas but nothing nailed yet, tis challenging but I do enjoy modernizing auld artforms. Speaking of Schools I threw up the first advert for the first community related non profit Wax Botanical project (a two to three year part time course on digital music – see below for the advert). I have a website theme picked out for it too and keeping with the below imagery I plan on building the branding around images of digital instruments turned into engravings and blended in with Victorian style decoration. Its great to get the ball rolling, the start date is still far off yet but I got plenty of ideas to start throwing down on paper regarding the syllabus and course projects.

Re: my own musics I haven’t had much time the last week but I did make some headway with Blackcrow. I added in more harmonic notes during the verses and changed the instrumental sections from whistling to falsetto which makes the whole thing seem alot more melodic during the chorus. Yesterday I also messed about with the Monster song. It still doesn’t sit well for me in its current form (I’ve tried about a dozen alternatives) but I tried it in a different key with a simple chord progression and it’s sounding sadder but definitely has more backbone.