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Worn alitte thin this week by commission work. One in particular is proving a right bollix, its probably the most back and forth messaging I’ve ever done with a support center for a site related issue, this being trying to set-up an automatic back-up service via FTP – something that should be relatively simple, the hosting company has tried a bunch of stuff: checking firewalls, whitelisiting, SSH and a few others things I haven’t heard of before. Damn’dably tedious but something to learn out of it none the less (one hopes).

On the musical front I’ve been trying to come up yet another revamp of ‘Monster’ something simple, easy to follow with enough melody work to carry the tune. On the new version of Black Crow, of which I’m pretty happy with, I’ve been trying to sort out the bridge bits. Unsure if I should just hum or use a kazoo. Might put it too the Facebook community and see what most folk think. On the electric side I’m making some headway into track number 5 (skipping track 4 for the moment, thats the one suppposed to be built out of chicken sounds, as weather has been too nasty as of late for me to ponder field recording). Working title is ‘Honey Pot’. It has a slow heavy electro vibe thou I’m trying to pep it up some with a disco baseline if I can get the right groove sorted.

Squandered a few more hours this week comparing audio interfaces, probably after getting distracted by music tech news posts regarding this years Musik Messe. Music technology tends to bring out the obsessive in me and I’ll unhappily idle away several hours comparing the potential upgrades. That said having no money helps keep things subjective’ish. Unfortunatley I had a string of crashes in Cubase during the week, likely due to non-compatibility of the EMU 1820 drivers in Windows 7. If the crashes continue I decided I’ll pick up an RME PCI on ebay or on Thomann. On the old side but fast and reliable.