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While fine tuning the coin logo I bein working the last while I realized I’d probably get a better (and quicker) result if I was to emboss the actual design onto a clay panel. Which then got me mulling over the benefit of having a studio big enough that it’d allow me to add more messy art and craft shtuff to my design work. I reckon being able to turn a digital block logo into a real lino print or ‘grunge’ up a poster with inks and paint would add mightily to the quality of the commissions I work on.

As usual thou, moneys the biggest deciding factor; rental, DIY materials, heating, commuting etc. I had considered the idea of using one of the studios in my dads house. It’d take a good bita work clearing/cleaning and re-insulating but the added space and light might be worth it. I can do alittle more messy stuff where I am at the moment by using the kitchen table but it aint practical on the long run. Its not just messier mediums thou, I love the thought of being able to mix more hand drawn/painted work with processing in Illustrator. I have’nt gotten back into Illustrator since I took the few Lynda.com courses last summer but hopefully over the next month I’ll get a chance to go thru the notes I made and test out some handdrawn scans. Might draw up a quick budget too to see if an external studio is feasible in the long term.