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I was working on a tour poster during the week where the artist pictures ended up dictating the design. The few bio shots available were all portrait, mostly front facing, which are not the easiest for getting creative with. As they were decked out in a ‘soulfull/60’ish’ getup in one or two of the pics (glitter dress, thick eyeliner) I was able to arrange the images into a Bluenote style design. I’ve found I generally prefer it when the artist image isn’t included on the poster itself thou, both when I’m designing and from the posters I’ve tagged while browsing for ideas. Its too literal and you really need a great photo to start with. Time and budget wise they are cheaper to do than an illustration but less eye catching as a result.

Speaking of posters I started to layout the first four ‘merchandise’ products on freerangefat.com (upcoming wax botanical online store). These are the promo posters from the few ICM tunes I’ve been working on over the last year. I’m not too sure how many product pics I should include per page, maybe four: distance, up close, detail and code/signature. Once I have the coding done for the shop I gotta work on the stationary some so as I’ll have customized address labels, stickers and receipts to go with each package. I’ll have to build an extra new shelf or two in the studio to store prints and envelopes. Something under the PC monitor for easier access to art materials twill be a good call while I’m at it too.