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Nearly completed the month of Lynda.com courses I had planned out in late Spring. Aimed for about an hour or two each morning, just about fit in fourteen short courses. Definitely worth the twenty euros subscription. 28Hrs clocked altogether which works in at around 70 cent an hour. I have another months list of courses planned for December (audio related) and early 2014 (PHP and Jquery). One of the interesting things I came across in one of the marketing courses was an application called Hootsuite used for managing multiple social media accounts from the one dashboard. There’s a good few similar apps out there but Hootsuite has a savage range of functionality for the price(integrates with everything from Twitter to Instagram and Mailchimp). As I’m still slowly getting round to kickin off a more active marketing plan for the business (once the shop site is finished) I hoping to make full use of this in the near future.

Speaking of the shop I tried installing Woo Commerce on the WB site but unfortunately it conflicts with the installed theme javascript so I’ll have to leave it on its own site. Most of the store pages are set-up, I kept it pretty minimal (as usual :P ) but I’m still unsure of how to layout the home page. Best Practice dictates there should be intro info, latest product pics and email-er sign-up but I haven’t yet settled on a design I’m happy with. Website wise on the home front I’m also thinking of either installing Jetpack or a similar plugin to improve the readability of waxbotanical.com on mobile/tablet devices. As it stands the above left drop down menu isn’t small screen friendly atall atall.