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Having nearly completed work on the forthcoming WB online store (freerangefat.com) I fortunately or unfortunately came to a realization yesterday that I might be better off building the shop within waxbotanical.com itself instead of giving it its own space. I had done this Initially due to the complexity (risk of things going wrong) shop functionality can bring to a WordPress based site and also the fairly limited (god awful) integration of the Topspin self hosted store. Plus I didn’t imagine the minimal, narrow layout that WB.com has would be suitable for displaying columns of products. But now, seeing as I switched from Topspin to Woo Commerce, which seems rock solid, I think I might be better off. It’ll mean more traffic to the main site and keep the branding from branching off (twould be fun coming up with a logo for the name ‘free range fat’ thou). Handily enough too the theme I built this site on has an option for easily creating custom footers so I can still display the store related cart, menus and categories without effecting the look of the other pages.

On the musical side of things I’ve fined tuned the chorus on Black Crow abit more; taken out two or three words and added in some noises. I’ll hopefully start work on re-writing the next tune (Monster) soon. I finally got returned a mini mixer I’d loaned a friend a few years back alas without its power adapter. Irritatingly enough it was one of those rare-as-fup awkward 3-pin connections. Spent a while looking for a replacement on Ebay and a few of the bigger music stores but unfortunately the company that made the mixer (Tapco) had gone bust a while back. Thankfully Behringer has a few mixers with the exact same connection/spec so was able to pick one up off tinternet. Besides never loaning gear to friends again the moral here I think is to try to only buy gear that’s relatively future proof.