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I ended up having some extra time this week to finish off the KDMC site (see last weeks post) as a website booking was postponed till early May. I’m very happy with the way the site worked out, particularly the minimal logo and Instagram style background photo’s. Taking the extra time to research/source-out a suitable template definitely paid off. I’ll start on the development blog next and hopefully get the FAQ and syllabus pages finished by the end of May.

I also plan on getting on to the various course material-related companies (Roland/Boss, Arturia, Akai and Ableton respectively) to see if they’ll offer academic pricing to students and/or if they have any educational resources available. As each planned year of the course will focus one fundamental piece of hardware kit I’m keen to learn as much about each as I can. Once I know the functions and limitations I can then start to plan out the course structure. That said I don’t want sponsorship or reliance on any one company/brand. Reliability, functionality and price irregardless of current trends or industry fed expectations (jeebus but I don’t sound grumpy atall – cough).

Elsewhere’s I nearly have the first mix on the next ICM (Electro) tune finished. I had to apply alot of EQ cuts to the 30 odd tracks, particularly on the chorus sections as with so much layering things got muddy sounding quickly. I hope to get a good bit of work done on its poster illustration next week so all going well I’ll have something up on Soundcloud/Facebook by mid-May.