Between summer holidays and building the new website (V5.0) for Wax Botanical its been a while since I’ve gotten round to writing a blog post. I’m very happy with the minimal look of the theme template thou, one of the best featured and supported I’ve yet come across on The new responsive version is easier to navigate and has a stronger emphasis on the various portfolio sections. I also got the wheels spinning on the WB bandcamp page where I plan to have some posters and merchandise up for sale alongside plenty of free content. It took more time than I had expected to update each portfolio as I had re-size/upload each gallery picture aswell as create new copy and featured images.

I also overhauled alot of the WB satellite sites. I decided to delete a bunch of my social media profiles as I haven’t had the time to keep them up to date so I thought it better to focus on just a few: Mailchimp, Facebook and Twitter. Google +, LinkedIn and Soundcloud have all gone by the wayside for the moment. Hopefully it’ll make for more regular and visual content :)