Its been relatively quiet on the commission front the last few weeks with two project start dates been pushed back so I had some extra time to finally getting round to drawing up my own contracts. I used some of the links available at Smashing magazine and Andrew Clarks excellent informal sample contract as templates. From these I customized three contracts; one for design, one for web development and one for illustration. The illustration contract needed some additional research particularly regarding publishing royalties of which I know very little. I still have some fine tuning to do but I plan on having these up on the site in the next few weeks alongside a general features/pricing list for services.

Elsewheres I nearly have v2 of the Enter the Dragon poster finished. I was never really happy with the skull drawing or hanging leaves on the first version and I wanted to have something abit more polished before adding the track and poster design to the WB Bandcamp page. I changed the leaves to a flower silhouette pattern and rebuilt the skull as more of a woven wicker face. I should have it finished up next week. After that I’ll get on to storyboarding the last scene for the music video :)