I’ve used Notepad++ as my default web development program ever since I switched from visual based layouts in Dreamweaver CS3 to building with code (about six or seven years ago). Although an excellent text editor, and a free one at that, I’ve always wanted something with a quicker workflow leaning more towards HTML/CSS heavy users. While going thru some Googled ‘best-of’ lists I came across Bluementals Rapid PHP in a list of user recommended comments. It has an amazing feature set for the price, I particularly like the Media Query assistant and automatic vendor pre-fix functions (both very handy for building modern sites that work on different screen sizes and devices). The 2015 version of Rapid PHP is soon to be released and as soon as it does I’ll most likley make the transition.

On the musical front I’ve completed the re-design for the Enter the Dragon poster and finished off the last storyboard so as soon as I get the time I can get cracking on pre-design and props. Elsewhere’s in the studio I spent the majority of each evening last week building presets and re-configuring my MIDI controllers based on my own workflow. This took alot more planning and time than I thought but I now have individual collections of presets for the most used tasks: currently selected mixer channel, control room (speakers), markers, VSL instruments pro, and separate banks each for the most used audio and midi editing keyboard commands. I’m very happy with the result as it saves me the need of buying extra controllers aswell as the space they would take up on the desktop.