Having worked thru the first four compositions based on the Brothers Grimm stories (see last blog post for more info) I’ve started to get a better idea of both the limitations and potential of my workhorse orchestral sample libraries. On the plus side there’s a huge amount of preset customization available via the Vienna Instruments Pro player. Taking a look thru the intro videos for other libraries such as Cinestrings and 8Dios Adagietto has given me plenty of food for thought for creating custom string articulations namely; bow change legato, portato, martelé and flautando (bowing over the finger board). I have’nt uploaded any of the tracks as I plan on illustrating an image to accompany each but have not yet found the time to do so. Regarding workflow I’ve always thought or been told its best to have a large orchestral template in place to begin a project with but having watched the VSL interview with Dexter composer Daniel Licht I found it refreshing to hear he prefers an empty slate as it encourages the use of alternative instrumentation and experimentation. Reading an article on Gustavo Santaolalla it sounds like he too has a similar mindset. It might take more time but it makes for better results.

Production wise I also plan on getting back to more work on the electronic based material – most likely I’ll rotate one week on/one week off between composing for the Grimm story’s and finishing the electro E.P. I never uploaded the last track, Ma-Ma, as after finishing the first mix I found the chorus far to weak sounding. I may need to re-harmonize the whole ruddy track to fix it.