One of the main down sides to computer related work is being seated for most of the day. The interweb is rife with the long and short term health risks of such desk intensive occupations. Over the last six months I’ve tried to get in the habit of moving around/stretching every half hour but it is pretty tricky when you’re caught up in the work at hand. Following recommendations I switched my office chair for an exercise ball and plan on building a standing height desk for my laptop next month so I can try to do more work during the day in a somewhat healthier posture. It’s taking some planning thou as I’d like the desk to be movable with storage for files and vinyl, an angle adjustable top, and possibly a monitor shelf thou I may use one of these handy yolks. I also plan on refining some of the storage in the studio, customizing the shelves so the master keyboard and pad Kontrol can slide in and out for ease of access. While I’m at it I’ll add in two extra mineral fiber bass traps and the dormer window limp mass heavy rubber mat I mentioned in previous posts.

On the musical front I have’nt had as much time as I hoped to work on the latest Brothers Grimm story composition (track six of the forty odd planned) over the last few weeks but overall I’m happy with how its going. I noticed my workflow is abit backwards; a simple melody/chord structure first, then I do alot of experimenting with various orchestrations/instrument combinations before I then go back and write and harmonize the rest of the track. I reckon this is from a lack of experience with orchestration, not knowing which set of devices to use or not knowing enough devices in the first place. I’m happy with the results thus far but tis definitely more time consuming than I’d like.