I had initially planned on the ETD track as being my first music video but as its pretty much all external night shooting I thought I should start with something easier – to grease the wheels with so to speak. To that end I decided to shoot a video for one of the acoustic tracks, ‘Circles’, in the studio.

It’ll be just myself playing guitar and singing but also some subtle shadow puppet stuff going on in the background. These will be based on the underwater theme/creatures mentioned in the song. It should also give me a chance to experiment with the DSLR dolly track and LED spotlights I picked up recently. I’m hoping to keep the puppet design fairly simply, cardboard shapes with four strings for minimal but hopefully semi-convincing movements.
“The other graphic element for each track will be a lino or Japanese woodblock print”
Also with regards the acoustic tunes I settled on a notation layout I’m very happy with for each song – double sides A3 with 2.5 inch margins (these are so I can illustrate borders for each song. I can then have these sheets available to download as PDF’s with mp3’s or to purchase separately as prints). I have two of the seven songs complete and I have to say it’s mighty satisfying seeing each notated in shortscore including all dynamic and expression marks. I’ll still need to record a demo for each tune but these wont be overly complicated nor will they have any extra instrumentation. The other graphic element for each track will be a lino or Japanese woodblock print – A4 size, in crude black and white to go with the rough cut nature of the music. I’m not sure of the style yet as I want it to closely match the score decoration and it also needs to work in a square format (to be used as the single cover for the track in Bandcamp and possible CD duplication further down the road).