Tim Harper

Tim Harper

INFO: Rosie Lynch, Spring 2021, various print media, questionnaires and 29 page report, Callan Workhouse Union, diagrams by Islander Architects

INFO: Mary Butler, Winter 2021, blog site, Kilkenny Arts Office

INFO: demo, 2021, mp3 single, unreleased Both the demo track and the video for this took alot longer than I was expecting. The video needed alot of testing beforehand due to the night time/low light setting. The hyena effect shots proved to be quite tedious…

INFO: Mary Butler, Summer 2021, posters, brochures, merchandise and various print media, Kilkenny Arts Office

INFO: Rosie Lynch, Winter 2021, poster and various online ads, Callan Workhouse Union

INFO: Jose Van Der Donk, Autumn 2020, servce website, Meadowsweet Therapies

INFO: Deirdre O’Mahony, Autumn 2020, blog and portfolio website, Deirdre O’Mahony

INFO: Rosie Lynch & Eilís Lavelle, Summer 2020, various print media and 50 page report, Callan Workhouse Union

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