Gold V2 [demo]

INFO: demo, 2021, mp3 single, unreleased

Both the demo track and the video for this took alot longer than I was expecting. The video needed alot of testing beforehand due to the night time/low light setting. The hyena effect shots proved to be quite tedious as each frame needed to be rotoscoped by hand. It was also freezing cold most of the nights which, although made for some interesting backlit breath clouds, made it uncomfortable to be shooting or playing guitar for too long. The track itself was so-so and, in hindsight, sounds abit dull in places and doesn’t really go anywhere. I had thought I was better off keeping the structure simple but a middle eight or more variation in the chorus would have been a better option. That said I think some of the shots worked out quite well especially as I spent more time than on previous videos experimenting with different lighting set-ups.