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Took some getting used too being amped and mic’d up at the Cobblestone gig. Twas great playin to a new crowd, a big thanks to Claire for inviting us up.   Overall did good for a second gig but still alot of improvements needed especially in the tempo and sync department (a hearty dollop of an extreme amount of electric practice should sort this out) .  The first band jang with the Brian on bass is next wkend.  Cant wait to try out a few bass lines with the blues songs, it’s really gonna open up the sound alot more and allow me to swing around the pitch abit when singing.  We’ll hopefully get a chance to try out a few of the electro tunes too if I get enough time to write out the lines on TAB before Friday.

Song number seven is half finished, tis called ‘think again’, had the idea to write something funny’ish I could play at intervals after Dermot took a bathroom break halfway during the gig :P Gonna get back to some more story scores this week, haven’t written ought for a month now.  Rhythm and Roots fest in Kilkenny this wkend, lookin forward to seein some decent rockabilly acts.