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Alas the first gig with the three of us playing together had to be canceled after Dermot fell into a mill run during the weekends festivities and broke his big toe. He was supposed to be playing both with us and the headline act so the whole yolk had to be postponed. Rory and myself spent a few hours trying out possible different arrangements of the songs on sunday morn to see if we could wing it but we decided in the end it’d be best to wait till Dermot was back behind the kit. Changing around instruments did give me a few ideas on improvements to the songs thou. Dermot is supposed to be heading off to start his festival season (he’ll be gone for most of July and August) with the dukes box this week so I am gonna finish off writing the last three songs and hopefully get back into playing weekly open mics to keep things rolling.

That said I also hope to start running thru some of the old electro/trip-hop’ish material with rory next week so all going well the set list by the end of the summer will have a decent mix of different styles for us to play. Orchestration course material is finally on the way via DHL. Cant wait to get stuck in :)