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Started in on the course last week, is feckin class, QuickTime interviews and lectures are well handy. The majority of the printed scores to study is material by John Williams and Howard Blake (dude who wrote the snowman). I gotta notate a score in PDF of the Watchmaker and the Tiger for the first unit. I’ve never notated my stuff before apart from in TAB, to more easily remember guitar lines ,but its something I’d like to get in the habit of doing consistently. I’m thinkin of doing so for all the new ten tracks too so I can better compare each revision. It’d be handy if the lads could take down some of their instrument lines too especially some of Dermots drum patterns as he sometimes cant remember what he’d done before. Speaking of the ten tracks below is a sketch of trk/week seven ‘Jungle fever blues’ 2nd revision. I know its taken me yonks to finally upload some music but hopefully I can continue to do so with each revision over the next two months.

I started work on the custom MIDI keyboard case last week, is lookin purdy good. I like the tacky white paint on the scrap timber that I used so I may paint the rest white too. Mounting the circuit boards to the perspex is gonna be tricky but me dah is helpin me sort the spacers out. I also built a custom flightcase for my Vestax mixer and 10″ monitor for ableton so the live rig is now pretty much done. I still need to build/purchase a gooseneck mic and mount for inside the case but things are now set to begin digging up some samples and arranging on the APC. Speaking of Ableton the new version of the Apc preset Stray has done over at nativekontrol is another hum dinger. I’ve put back moving the site over to the new host as Nimbit say they are gonna help people make the change over the next few months so thing may yet get briefly funkified on the site.

Jungle Fever Blues – version 2 – sketch demo by waxbotanical