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The custom keyboard is nearly done; got two of the three circuit boards mounted to the perspex tops, the modulation and pitch wheels proved abit tricky but got em sorted after abit of brainstorming. I’ve started mulling over a few design ideas of what to paint or attach to the case, its gonna be something simple but I may ask a few friends to make/add bits and bobs. I’ll post some pics as soon as it nears completion. Am on the second unit of my course. The video interviews with session musicians and orchestrators are really nicely done, plus theres hours and hours of em. Getting lots of perspective on how to improve my arrangements in the future.

The track revisions continue, below is the second version demo of ‘the old tin drum’. I added a good deal more chords to the verses and changed one or two in the bridge. Its stronger lyrically than it was before but I think I may still need to change the way the lyrics are phrased. Any comments/feedback good and bad are more than welcome.

The old tin drum – version 2 – demo sketch by waxbotanical