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A rightly productive week last week twas. Bein trying to get myself back in shape for doing some illustration mock ups for the short stories. It’s bein yonks that I’ve done much sketching. I reckon a few months of abit of life drawing each day will hopefully get me back on track. I’m trying out some Faber Castell watercolour pencils, it’s damn tricky getting used to washes but thats pretty much the style I’m aiming for. It’ll prob be late Autumn that I start uploading some samples – everything moves real slow in the solo bidness :P (well glad I am too thou that I get the chance to work at this stuff).

We’re playing a gig at the Good Hatchery in Co. Offaly next weekend. All going well, with no drummer mishaps, we’ll get a chance to break the ice with the three of us playing together. That said Dermot is still over playing with the Dukes in the UK till Thursday so its gonna be tight getting enough practice in with him before. I ran thru the 2nd version tracks with Rory last night, might have freaked him out alittle with the amount of changes but the talented chap he is, he picked it up quickly. Speaking of revisions, below is a demo of the 2nd version of track one. It’s starting to sound less quirky, maybe that’s not a good thing but its certainly more fun to sing. The next version will hopefully add a middle 8, a better outro and give more flow and dynamics to the verses/lyrics that still feel to fast.

I built the lid for the custom keyboard case yesterday. All that remains is to add the latches and a few screws to secure the corners. I’ll upload some pics next week and hopefully get some ideas from people on facebook on what to call it.

These ways – version 2 – demo sketch by waxbotanical