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Had cracker time playing and attending the gig in Ballybur castle.  A mighty big thanx to Mick and Colm for inviting me down.  Place and set-up looked well swish. The gigs were in a large room at the top of the castle and with big window drapes and a high arched wooden ceiling so sound was cracker. Helped too by having a pro PA/recording rig and sound man installed for the occasion.  It’s the first gig I’ve played this year with such clear monitoring and I have to say did really helped with the performance.   I took a few pictures with my phone but unfortunately they came out not so good in the low light, hopefully I’ll get some photos of the room from someone else who was there. The whole shindig was filmed so there should be some video links up soon.  The final act on was the collaboration from the musicians who had been there for the four days before.  It was great to hear the mixture and influence of the ten musicians.  I really hope they put on something similar again next year round – tis a brilliant idea.

Studio wise last week I finished exporting the rest of the electro tunes to the live rig. Two weeks to go to get some sort of performance sorted.  Hopefully I’ll be able to do a track or two with Brian on bass if we get to practice next weekend.  I aim to have the new track (track nine-‘dangerous dude’) written for the acoustic set all going well.  More website commission work on the horizon too, its going to be a busy few weeks :)