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B’jebus but that was a stressful week and week end.  Being involved in the preparations for G in the park and trying to get two sets ready in time was lunacy.  To begin with the PA could only be gotten late so the start time for the acts was pushed back. Twas about ten acts/bands altogether. I did an acoustic set bout seven o clock in the eve and the electro set with Brian as the second last act on at 5:30 am.  Strange time of the morn to be playing but kinda cool as the sun was coming up.  The pavilion rented was really sweet and looked mighty boutique’ish.  Thankfully the weather stayed purdy good and we had a clear belt of sunshine as the last band took to stage.  After that I got my dance fix on with two hours of slow dub-step, I was so wired and relieved to have the yolk finished, was just what the doctor ordered.

Had a few problems with Ableton having drop-outs during two songs, I knew there was a risk of this as I’d be up the following night till two trying to sort it out. I contacted Ableton support on Tuesday so hopefully I’ll have it sorted well before the next gig. Another problem i had was that the fold out stand for the rig was far too shaky for much skratching.  I’ll either get some welding done to sort this out or screw in some brackets.  Possibly two more electro gigs on the horizon with Brian, I’ll put up some info soon as I get confirmation.  Either I was still hangover’ish on Monday or there was mos definitely an autumnal edge to the air.