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I’m still so used to the academic year beginning in September that I still see this time of  Autumn as a new starting point.  I spent most of the week sorting the new data back-up system for the studio (boring work but essential once I start taking on more commissions).  I went by the sound-on-sound recommendations;  an original project duplicate, a second on-site duplicate and a third off-site duplicate.  Hopefully this’ll give me better piece of mind when something goes astray with the main DAW.   Was also taking a look thru the work diary from the summer months, the plan was to be spending more time involved in production work each day and less doing office related work but in reality its still been more like 40% – 60%  since June.  It may be another while yet but eventually most of the business side will take far less time out of the work week and I’ll get more project time each day.

The track eight 1st revision , Black crow, is done.  I’ve yet to give it a whirl live but I’m enjoying practicing it and making the small changes to the vocal phrases.  As with alot of the current songs it has some animal noise type lines, fun for doing live.  I’m unsure what date the ten tracks will be finished as it’ll depend on the amount of web design commissions I have to do from now till Christmas.  I expect thou to be performing all songs in 3rd revision by December so it’ll probably be late Spring till I get enough performances (twenty at least) under my belt to feel justified enough to begin recording them.