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Halloween gig went down good, it was abit of a DIY set-up as the bands were playing on a dinky PA out back of the pub in a shed facing into a courtyard. Looked pretty rustic in a good way, no monitors but enough reflections from the facing wall. Thankfully there was a decent sized open fire and the rain held off for most of the night. I forgot too bring a large mic stand (as did everyone else, presuming there’d be one there) so Rory had to attach a short stand to the roof of the shed which kinda suited the quirky nature of the night. Bout eleven when I went on and the fingers were abit cold by then so I had to re-arrange the set so I could warm up with some slower songs first. I did’nt test out the newer version of ‘These ways’ as people were looking for more upbeat stuff at that stage but Ill definitely be giving it a whirl at the open mic the next week or two.

I started work on a new song during the week: something with weird singing (when is it not in my case :P) about rain and self imposed trouble that uses mostly harmonics on the guitar for the verses and is in three/four time rhythm for a nice change. Most of the other tunes have had a few new additions made too them too, seems to come about naturally as I practice each repetitively before a gig. Hoping to get back practicing with Dermot and Rory the next week or two if I can get enough time away from college stuff and web design.