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Tested out the forth revision of ‘these ways’ with Dermot on Friday, was pretty sure it was gonna fit well with the drums but all the new syncopations made the rhythm too undefined. Did some further checks on Sunday by adding a baseline, certainly sounds more solid alongside the drums. I may buy an acoustic bass if I can convince Rory to give up the keys for a while. Seems the songs can always do with some simplification when it comes to playing them with the whole band. College project is moving along nicely, taking longer than planned but the end result should be good enough for the next showreel. I’m enjoying adding in alot of ethnic woodwinds to the standard classical ensemble, plenty of possibilities for interesting sound combinations.

The week ahead is mostly gonna be spent coding the Grennan mill site, fingers crossed it all goes smoothly before the deadline Monday week. I may have another site commission before cribo for a local music festival. Probably not as much work as the carft site thou so hopefully I’ll be able to spent more time practicing with the lads.