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Always a funny few days this week between the holidays, hard to get the work wheel turning after the days doin nadda.  Good bit of organising and cleaning to do yet bout the office/studio but am slow going about it as I’ve the festive head cold that seems to be doing rounds.  Finished the mix down for unit four, first master soundcloud link below.  I started on the arranging and its gonna take a good few hours to get to a completed score as there’s so many instruments but the practice is good for me and I’am keen to get onto the next unit.

The support gig on Stephens day went purdy good, the more practice I can do amplifed the better as the different PA set-ups throw me off abit when I get to the falsetto bits of the songs.  Over the next two months I’m hoping to test out some of the live tracks with additional instruments depending on which willing muso’s I can find round the town :P

Lé marche lutin (The troll march) by waxbotanical