Black Déchaîné

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‘Appy new yar! For a change I’m actually nearly on the ball, studio, house, office all tidy and relatively sorted for the new year. Had a quiet few days so I got the chance to do bita organising and prep work for the coming two months. I’ve also been drawing up the plans for version three. Lots of new ideas and a few new interactive features. Its gonna be a while till I start building thou as I’ve loads to do the next few weeks. I’m really looking forward to updating the pages as the changes I have planned will also have a big effect on the way the office and studio are run. Project and commission scrapbooks, client side logins, an online store, proper gig listings, a design page and band bio info’s are all in the pipeline. I expect to have it up by early summer all going well but depending on the rate commissioned work I may have to push that back.

The Black Déchaîné is an idea I have for an instrumental group playing some original, simple quirky jazz/afro-beat stuff and really just an excuse for me to have a chance to play the drums more, as well as music that’s fun to play live. It’ll also give me a chance to practice my arranging and the lines I write will be played on real instruments, something I don’t get a chance to do (yet) with the orchestral mock-ups. The instrument line up planned will be: drum kit/tuned percussion, tuba, sax, clarinet, trumpet and pump organ (synthesized). I have a few muso’s around tommytown in mind but if some aren’t available it’ll be easy to transpose the lines to another instrument. Hopefully thou I can avoid using any guitars or basses :D