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Over the weekend I got a chance to run thru the first new instrumental song I been writing with a saxophone player from local Tommytown group the river valley band. I had about 24 bars written and twas class to hear him pick up the melody by ear alone. I need a few sessions with him and the tuba player so I can figure out their register comfort ranges and what kind of screams/vibrato/effects its possible for me too notate. As we’re aiming for a minimal arrangement the more sounds we can get the better. I also need to design a decent Hammond organ patch on the Miniak. The benefit to it being synthesized is that Rory can do a lot more feckin around live with the parameters (pitch, osc, filter etc) than he could do with a regular digital organ emulation. We might even use the onboard drum sequencer to allow me to get off the drums occasionally and play some trumpet harmony/fife (If I can get the time to practice :p ) alongside Popa Con on the sax.

I’m getting back on track with the college work as I got all the notes/videos done for unit five during the week. Unfortunately Cubase now has some error with the unit 4 score project so until I get that fixed I wont be able to complete the score and send in my assignment. I didn’t get much time to work on much Mallavouge material. I did decide to return back to a previous version of end these ways (tis taking a ridiculous amount of time to get this track sorted) after testing out some bars with alittle distortion on the guitar. I also came up with a better chorus and middle eight for ‘Red balloon’. Tis handy the perspective the xmas break gave me not playing/listening too any of the tunes. Dermots been off in Clare the last while but hopefully we can get the ball rolling again this week.