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Called down to have a chat with Eoin Mcnamara bout playing some tuba during the week. I’ll have to rethink some of my lines after seeing how quick its possible to play notes on it. There’s a bunch more possibilities for arrangements than I’d previously guessed. I also called by to Rory who’s in at the beginning of getting his studio set-up too record his next album. He had a scale of wine glasses set out and mic’d up that sounded fantastic when bowed. Another yolk he was building was a tuned percussion set of ceramic garden pots that when hit with a mallet reminded me a lot of the Balinese gamelan sound. He’s gonna try to rig up a set for playing live too which will be a pain to lug around but twill surely look the shot. I’ve gotten a purdy decent organ preset on the Minak which will do for the moment for writing/testing lines on until I can get the time to build something with a more solid low end.

The new electro tune is comin along nicely. As usual with me it went in quite a few directions before I managed to find a rhythm I was happy with. All going well it’ll be done by the end of the month. I’m looking forward to making more of the same as its been a few years since I’ve produced any new electronic stuff. The plan is still to have a full set of new and old re-mixed material by the end of the summer.