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Bein a bit of a catching up week all round. No luck with Steinberg support (on my college unit four project) so I had to re-notate the score. In hindsight went OTT with the instrumentation, advice 21 all together so took while to do. Good for the practice thou. I also started a few designs for the first series Mallvouge gig poster. Gonna have a 50’s style animation look arranged to fit on half an A3, help so two long posters per page, will hopefully help it stand out from the regular A4 posters. I’m looking at colour paper for the printing to help with costs. I like the minimal look but it’d be nice to have two-three colours to play with. If I could stick to the same amount of Epson cartridges t’would make things simpler.

Elsewhere’s am coming into the home stretch on the rent-a-friend website, due date next Friday. There’s one or two bits of dynamic content on the site that I have’nt tried before so there may be some learning curve time required. Dermot not back till the end of the week but I’ve started slowly going thru the songs and re-amplifying with some distortion and rhythm changes. The aim is to keep the material more interesting thru-out the set with having just the two of us playing. I bought a kazoo :) and have doodled with some backing vocal lines for him to test out. Also looking forward to seeing what we can do with the marimba he dug out from his house and the steel drum he got from his misses for his bday.